Sunday, June 7, 2009

Etsy Selling For Extra Money

You can mke money selling stuff you make on Etsy. Using Etsy to make some extra money works and is great fun. ake a look at this shop here: Chic Useful Ceramic Gifts.

Friday, May 15, 2009

IKEA AS-IS Success, New Bathroom Sink for $22

Yeah I know we like to brag a bit but here's another deal from IKEA. Our bathroom sink. Wait I mean our NEW chic bathroom sink for $22. Yep that's right just two number two's side by side.

See the picture, real sleek and chic huh?

Here's the link to IKEA where it retails for $80. Again we found it in the AS-IS section at 70% off and we used a discount coupon we got our last time through the store worth $1.50. Driving down the price to $22. Neat huh?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

IKEA Shopping Success, Great Dishwasher for $56

So here's an example of the tightwad chic IKEA shopping technique. Really it works, you just need to follow the technique.

So this one we'd been looking for a while and were patient. Really we didn't care too much about which dishwasher showed up in the AS-IS section. We just wanted one at the right price.

Well the one that showed up was actually the one we thought we might want.

It was the Renlig found here. Now it retails for $349.

The day we found it in the IKEA AS-IS it had been there two weeks and the discount was 70%. Making the IKEA dishwasher $104. Nothing wrong with it. It was just a floor model.

Then we looked for the IKEA Kicker, the we outlined earlier. Yep we'd hit it big, an additional 35% off. Making it $68.

But wait there was more, isn't there always more? We had a coupon for $10.40 since last time we bought something we'd used our debit card. So that added in took the price down to $58.

But wait there is even more. Don't forget the 3% discount we got by buying it with our debit card. 3% coupon we'll us later made the final price of the dishwasher that retails for $349 an amazing $56 out the door.

Remember this is not a used or refurbished unit, it is brand spanking new, never used. It was just a floor model. They don't even hook them up, they are just mounted in the displays.

So here's photo of our $56 NEW stainless steel dishwasher.

Cool huh? Now that's tightwad chic.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chic Stainless Steel Hand Railing Construction. Part 3.

So we got the posts up next step was to get the railing tops made and installed. then to quickly wrap things up before Atlas and Taupin figured out how to get upstairs and then fall to their deaths on the concrete floor below. Note: no dogs were harmed in the making of this stainless steel railing building process.

From there we had ordered Douglas fir wood for the railing tops. These we cut to size after the cable was installed to make sure everything would fit well. This took same patience and careful measuring and cutting but over a weekend we got everything fitting well. We dry fit the wood to make sure we had it right.

From there we gave everything a few coat of varnish. We used an oil based Varathane brand product. Oil based varnish is more difficult to clean up they say, but it also lasts longer than water based varnish. Both choices being the same price, obviously the tightwad chic decision was to go with the oil based varnish.

Here’s a shot of the railing tops being varnished in the kitchen. Yep things get messy as you build but hey it saves thousands and you get what you want rather than what you can afford.

The following weekend we installed the top wood for the railing and then tightened up the stainless steel cable by twisting the hardware we’d installed. Making the entire railing nice and taught. We made it just in time as the building inspector came by the next day and passed our railing.

So here’s the finished product. Quite chic, no?